Friday, May 29, 2009

Today is our first day in our new city. We are now where we will be for the next 6 weeks. It is a bit overwhelming at first. We are in the older section of town that is still very Muslim. Much of the architecture still reflects the Muslim heritage. At the same time this city is known for its devout Hindus.

We were in Delhi only a week but we saw so much. The Father really used that time to prepare us and teach us how to reach out in this culture. We were able to visit with some Muslim guys that had a lot of questions about "Issah" or Jesus. After the first night of meeting with them, they asked us to come back the next night because they wanted to know more. We had another great night of discussion. We showed them the Word and let it speak for itself. It was amazing to see the Father's Word as He says it is, "living and active." I saw as it cut these men deep into their souls. We left the next day but we will continue to lift up these three as we continue our work here.

When we arrived last night we were able to go out and walk around and begin building relationships with those in our area. Because of the intense heat during the day (110F or more) people come out later in the evening, so we use this time to interact with the people. Last night we were able to talk to a group of guys our age and we told them we want to come back tonight and visit them. Continue to lift us up as we start the initial stages of building relationships. Lift up specifically that our relationships would lead to conversations about the Truth and the Word. I feel a bit overwhelmed right now because our city has over 6 million people in it. The task feels too big, but it will not be our power that produces anything. I was really encouraged this morning by Jeremiah 1. I encourage you to read it and lift it up over us.

Internet here is pretty good and and its about 30 cents an hour. So hopefully I can keep regular updates going. Thanks for all the support so far. It should be amazing to see what the Father does in the coming weeks.

Grace and Peace

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