Monday, June 1, 2009

The Effects of Effective Prayer

Some really big things have happened just in the past day. The Father really had to adjust my attitude yesterday. I was kinda complaining to myself that I didn't really know what we were doing here and that I didn't see how were were going to break in to this culture. The language barrier and been really hard and I was kind of allowing my self to see it as an unscalable obstacle. This however is not ever the case in Kingdom work. I decided that I must ask the Father to change my attitude even though it seemed like I see no outcome.

Last night Mark and I (Mark is my teammate, I dont know if I've told you his name yet) were supposed to meet some guys at this local hangout around 11:30pm. We waited for awhile but they never showed up. We were both a little discouraged because this was our first "planned" meeting with someone. This however is the norm norm for India. We had trouble communicating with the others around the hangout because we do not speak Hindi and most people only know limited English. We decide to pray specifically for English speakers that we could build relationships with. As we were walking our usually route through the city, some guys said hello to us, which at first was not anything to be excited about because everybody in India can say "hello" and "what country are you from". So we said "hello" but then they called us over to talk to them. It turned out that two of them spoke very good english. They then proceeded to pile seven or eight of us into an auto rickshaw and they drove us around town showing us all of the historical monuments. We had a great time. When we came back we began to talk about culture and eventually religion. We are in a predominantly Muslim area so it was not hard to guess our friends religion. We were able to share the Good News completely and explain it in comparison to Islam. This was our first opportunity to actually do this! This was exactly what we had prayed for! We ended up talking out on the street until 2:30am and we are going back to visit the same group tonight. It is amazing to see how the Father works. I am always learning more about this. Thank you for continually lifting us up. It is a blessing to be a part of the Father's work.

Grace and Peace


  1. Sam,

    What awesome proof of the power of the Father. When I was in Nepal the Father provided so many opportunities for us to share the Good News with the people there. He showed himself real to us so many times in even the smallest things. His power and strength is so awesome! Don't be discouraged. Keep your head up broseph!

    - Jake

  2. Maranatha, Sam! I'm Kelsey, the coordinator for SPLASH Bartow. Your wonderful mother (she's really great) told me about your mission trip, and I just wanted to drop a line to encourage you and let you know that I'm praying for you. It's a joy and an inspiration to read your blog and hear of what our Father is doing through His willing servants all over the world. Thanks for sharing your journey! I look forward to reading more.
    Psalm 91