Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My First Blog from India!

Namaste everyone! I am sitting in the basement of an internet cafe as I type this blog. There is a small fan here cooling the 90 degree night air here in New Delhi. It has been sensory overload sense the day we arrived. So many different sights, smells and sounds. I am a foreigner. When I walk down the street people stare because, with white skin I am the odd ball. It has been wonderfully meeting all of the people that are doing summer projects with me. The "workers" have truly been a blessing to meet and learn from. We have already had an opportunity to share the Good New with people and pray with others in Jesus' name. It is no lie that this is a land full of spiritual darkness. In just the few blocks around our hotel there are several Hindu temples including a giant 50' statue of Hanuman a monkey God. There is a temple in the middle of this statue that me and some other "workers" visited today. It was truly eye opening and heart breaking to see so many people putting their hope of salvation in the hands of idols made of stone, metal and wood. This was a first for me; to see actually real idol worship. It truly broke my heart and made me even more burdened for the lost in the country. I can say however that the Father is up to something here and His Son is alive and well even in the midst of such darkness. Continue to lift me and my team up as we embark on this journey through the power of the Spirit.

Grace and Peace

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